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Return to the Ridings

The “Return to the Ridings” is a celebration of the riding of the boundaries that has taken place for centuries with 11 towns in the Scottish Borders using horses for the traditional ride out. The festivals surrounding these ride outs are steeped in tradition and celebrate borders history, music and song, parades and concerts culminating in the whole town celebrating the ‘Riding’. In 2014, the 11 towns collaborated to jointly promote their events to domestic and international visitors. As well as inviting visitors to experience these unique events, the towns hosted exile nights to welcome visitors and make them feel a part of the community.


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Visit the Scottish Borders

Covering about eighteen hundred square miles, the Scottish Borders stretches from the rolling hills and moorland in the west, through gentler valleys to the rich agricultural plains of the east, and on to the rocky Berwickshire coastline with its secluded coves and picturesque fishing villages.

It is easy to see why Sir Walter Scott was so enamoured with the region that he chose to build his beloved house, Abbotsford, here.

Come and explore the Scottish Borders.